The Team

Henry Heuver

Henry still gets his hands dirty, striding purposefully into the office with a little mud on the knees of his dress slacks. He still runs the tractor when he gets the chance, and he still shows the 18 year old new employees how to properly operate a shovel, wheelbarrow, or hard

Henry is every bit as committed to landscaping the way it should be as he was nearly 50 years ago. To Henry, landscaping is a primary concern in the building process, and doing it wrong can cost building owners, developers, and investors very large sums very quickly. Landscaping should be considered more than just the ‘finishing touch’ on a project – it should be an integrated structural element of the property, with correct drainage, correct plant species for the site and the client’s needs, and the correct construction methods to ensure it all lasts a lifetime.

His portrait hangs in the foyer of the Land Sciences building on the Olds College campus, and for good reason. In 2003, when the college initiated a partnership award in honour of major contributors, Henry was the first recipient. His dedication to the advancement of horticultural education and research is highlighted further by his major, personal contributions to the college’s research wetland project – designed to study the use of natural wetland systems to filter industrial and residential water without expensive chemical treatment plants. Henry has also done decades of work in developing plant species that can tolerate the unpredictable growing conditions in Southern Alberta.

Look around your neighbourhood, and there’s every chance that a green space nearby has been built under Henry’s supervision. Check out our Projects page to see what we’ve done in the past, and what we’re working on now.

George Heuver


Not surprisingly, George grew up landscaping. His first job at a garden centre at 13 taught him everything from plant ID to irrigation installation and repair to installing interlocking paving stones.  Over the years, George worked his way through labour, machine operator, and foreman positions before taking on management roles.  In 2000, George officially became president of Foothills Landscaping and set about increasing the company’s capacity for large-scale projects.  In more than 35 years of landscaping experience, George has picked up a qualification or two: he is a licensed pesticide applicator, a Certified Horticultural Technician, a
Journeyman Landscape Gardener, and graduated from the Olds College
Horticultural Program.  When not steering the ship, he can often be found on Trout streams around Alberta and BC, or on the golf course.

Kyle McLoughlin

Project Manager

Kyle is our newest addition to the office and is our primary project manager. He is often seen walking around on the phone or answering e-mails. He works with all sorts of construction projects on a day to day basis. Come winter time Kyle is finishing his landscaping apprenticeship.

Suzanne Boissé


Holds the unenviable position of handling the flood of numbers that enters the business . Fortunately her 35 years of professional accounting experience places her in a great position to make sense of it all. She joined Foothills in 1997 and still can’t believe that some people need reminders to hand in time cards.

Larry Podesky

Operations Manager

Started his career with Foothills in 1982, pushing a lawnmower. Over the following 30-odd years, he became an integral part of the maintenance division, serving as Maintenance Manager until his promotion to Operations Manager. He likes it when people ask about his El Camino.

Marie-France Germain

Maintenance Manager

Marie is our dedicated Maintenance Manager, and has slaved away for us for over 20 years. She has become an indispensable member of the team, organizing, designing and installing her heart out, and constantly giving her all to ensure her clients are thrilled with the look and feel of their projects.

Dave Carruthers

Project Estimator

Joined Foothills in 2007 because he needed a job that got him
some exercise. Ironically, he started out as our Business Development Analyst and now spends his days working as our primary estimator. He is looking for suggestions to improve his cardiovascular fitness.

Jamie Novlesky

Gardening Supervisor

Jamie is one of our maintenance supervisors who handles all of our gardening work. Jamie can be seen across the city installing
planters, community entrances, and maintaining all kinds of beds. Jamie has a degree in environmental sciences which allows her to have a vast amount of knowledge that she can use everyday.

Aaron Tencer

Maintenance Supervisor

Aaron has been with Foothills Landscaping for over 15 years and
always been working with our maintenance division. Now, Aaron oversees and helps coordinate that same division as well as primarily maintaining irrigation amongst our many projects.