Construction of a landscape can be a complicated process, but it occurs over a very short time when compared to the lifespan of the trees, shrubs, and lawns installed. Our maintenance division steps in to ensure that our constructed landscapes aren’t overrun with weeds, pests don’t ravage our trees and shrubs, and grass stays green, weed-free and healthy.  The construction ensures that the landscape features we’ve installed serve their original purpose – maintenance ensures that those functions aren’t impeded by neglect, and ensures that visitors’ first impressions are first class.

We can:

  • Provide plantings of annuals, perennials and bulbs
  • Renovate old, tired landscapes with minor upgrades or major overhauls
  • Perform irrigation system start-ups and blow-outs
  • Perform large-scale weed control
  • Create landscape designs, installations, and maintenance programs.

What can our maintenance personnel do for your community, facility, or estate?