Estate Owners

estate-landscapingWhether you've finally realized a life-long dream, or inherited the family land, "adequate" is not an option. You need a landscaping contractor that can take your imagination and personality from abstract concepts to functional reality, one that can work and create within the realities of drainage and microclimates to create your outdoor living space. But more than that, you need a landscaping contractor that will exceed your expectations.


Patios & Decks

stone-pathway-patioThese are the liminal spaces in your yard - the transition from indoor to out, from insulated to exposed. Join forces with a landscape contractor that can find the materials that best match your existing interior with the exterior you're dreaming of. Then let us build it to last generations.



pond-stone-landscapingNot so long ago, installing a pond was simply a matter of where it would be easiest to dig, and where it would look best. Now, ponds have become part of a water management strategy on larger properties, used to both minimize storm water runoff and feed irrigation systems. This reduces the pressure placed on water treatment facilities and helps increase the lifespan of that equipment. Foothills has decades of experience with pond installations of all sizes, so we can help meet your aesthetic and practical needs.


Plant Material

lawn-sod-landscapingYour choice of plants will be quite different in Bragg Creek compared to Heritage Pointe, and your landscape contractor must be able to tell you what will and will not work, or what might be done to give a beloved species a fighting chance. Many species that don't normally thrive here can be cajoled into great growth simply by knowing the site, and providing a location with a little more shelter, or a little more light. Because we plant tens of thousands of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials every year, we see which ones make it and which don't - and why.