real-estate-developmentFoothills Landscaping understands that Real Estate Development is not a simple process.  By the time our crews show up on site, your development has been through negotiations with hold-out landowners, complicated approvals with the municipality, and enough logistical BS to drive anyone out of their heads.  We feel your pain, and want no part in creating more drama.

» We will tell you what we foresee becoming a problem – in advance.

» We will continually update progress on your projects and revise schedules accordingly.

» We will stick to our quoted price for quoted work.

Foothills is proud to work with a number of prominent Calgary and area developers in the construction of major landscape elements from show homes to school reserves.  We know what is involved in taking a new community from concept to reality, and we at Foothills have worked hard to streamline our processes in order to eliminate as much hassle as possible.  When you partner with us, we take every step to give you all necessary information in a timely manner. 

With strict municipal specifications, we ensure that any dealings with City of Calgary or Regional Municipal inspection staff go as smoothly as possible from rough grading to seed establishment. We know your development has been jumping through logistical hoops for years by the time we arrive, and we want to get the job done with as little fuss as possible. That way you can start to relax, knowing that at least one aspect of community development is well taken care of.


Final Acceptance Certificates

certificateThe FAC is the end goal of the majority of our subdivision projects, and our office staff and supervisors have spent years making certain that these certificates are issued on schedule.  From projects we run from start to finish, to some we have taken over from other companies, we make sure that Final Acceptance Certificates take no longer than absolutely necessary, saving developers time and money.




LEED Certification

SAM 5409


In Calgary we know that some developers want to pursue LEED certification for their existing buildings, new construction, and neighbourhoods. At Foothills Landscaping we have worked with several devolopers and property management companies constructing and maintaining LEED buildings. Whether it's helping install water efficient landscaping, implementing water use reduction techniques, or helping reduce waste through recycling and composting of our construction materials, we can contribute to overall LEED certification.

Parks & Storm Ponds


Community green spaces are vital pieces of infrastructure, providing areas for residents to take full advantage of their valuable recreational time. From soccer fields and baseball diamonds to storm ponds and playgrounds, Foothills understands the intricacies involved in making these landscapes function as they are designed so residents can get on with enjoying their time outside instead of writing irate emails to developers.






Show Homes

p1000537Show homes sell communities, and Foothills takes pride in providing pristine landscape installations for the best curb appeal possible. Offering unique challenges, show homes often involve working to tight deadlines, sometimes with dozens of contractors and trades on site at once. Our staff know the drill: work closely with everyone on site and the job gets done.











Medians & Boulevards

img-20120725-00543Medians and boulevards contribute to the atmosphere within a community, so we put as much care and attention into roadside landscapes as we put into beach clubs and signature parks. Potential buyers will always notice those elements that don't measure up, but if everything looks immaculate, there is nothing to disrupt the creation of that atmosphere.