Foothills Hits 50

Foothills Landscaping started in 1964 with a tractor and a work ethic.  Over 50 years, we’ve grown to over 200 pieces of equipment to tackle projects from storm ponds, to park restorations, to show homes.

Seriously – When do I water?

As professional Landscapers, we are often asked how much water someone’s plants need – a fair question, to be sure, but not a simple one. More often than not, the response people get is not as precise as they expect.

Winter? What Winter?

February has nearly gone, and with the exception of a few days, it’s been the warmest I remember.

Foothills Landscaping

At Foothills Landscaping, we simply want to be the best landscape maintenance and construction contractor in Southern Alberta. That’s it. We don’t care if other companies grow bigger, or have a thousand employees, or bid on every job from $10,000 to $10,000,000. We want to do what we’re good at – which is creating and maintaining green spaces that draw people in, with plant material that thrives, and give our clients as little hassle as humanly possible. We’ve had a lot of practice over the 47 years that we’ve been in business. Let us show you how our team can help you, your business, and your community deal with the structural and aesthetic elements of landscape in the best manner possible.

Look around, see the work we’ve done in recent years. As time goes on, we’ll be adding photos of sites we’ve worked on in the past so you can see the type of changes a landscape installation goes through over the course of half a century. We’ll also be continually updating the Knowledge Base section with tips for home and professional gardeners, home owners, developers and general contractors as well as new products and design trends that help our industry grow.

Like everything we do, we appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions, and questions.

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